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Church Of Panagia Plataniotissa


The church located 30km away from the city of Kalavryta, on the road Kalavryta – Aigio through Pteri.


In a green area is the church of Panagia Plataniotissa that was formed in the cavity of a huge plane tree, which came from three plane trees that grew together, and over the years came together and created remarkable masterpiece of nature.


This historical plane tree is 25m high. The perimeter of its base is 16m approximately, and in the middle is 12.65 meters and it has capacity of 20 people. There is a small temple with two columns which form the Beautiful Gate.


The image of the Panagias Vrefokratousas is depicted on the plane at a height of 3 meters above the ground inside the pit, which according to tradition, the image reflected in the tree during the iconoclasm, when monks of the Great Cave in order to save the image of Panagias Vrefokratousas, they carried it from place to place and so they spent one night in the village Klapatsouna (as it was called then), in the natural hollow of the plane tree. That morning when they took the picture to continue their way, they saw surprised an imprint of the picture on the trunk of the tree, the place that they had put it. So it is took the name of Panagia Plataniotissa and the village also.


The church celebrates on 8th of September.