Historical Attractions


Site Of Sacrifice

Τόπος ΘυσίαςOne of the most important sights in Kalavryta is the Site of Sacrifice, which located at the hill of Kapi. It is east of the town of Kalavryta (500m away from the city center)…Read More


The Holocaust Museum

Δημοτικό Μουσείο Καλαβρυτινού ΟλοκαυτώματοςThe Elementary School of Kalavryta built in the early 20th century and began operating in 1906. It is a four-grade school with neoclassical architectural elements and specific typology…Read More


The Monument of the Heroes of the Revolution of 1821

Μνημείο Ηρώων Αγωνιστών 1821In the dominant hill north of the Monastery of Agia Lavra, stands the splendid monument of the nation. It is the memorial of the fighters of the Revolution of 182…Read More