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Taxiarches Waterfall Ano Vlasia


It is undoubtedly the most impressive miracle of nature anovlasitikis and a little-known secret.


Unfortunately there are no signs, so you have to show your short dirt road south of the village that takes you to a spring and a shrine.
Behind the fountain there is a mysterious and pitch dark cave (those having done a cursory exploration of the interior speak for great images and underground lakes!) And after park will descend the steep slope with trees, pressing carefully onto a thick rug platanofylla as the riverbed.


There you will see the source of the hum that sounded eerie as on the street: water from different directions mingle over a cave pierced the roof, falling violently in a dark lake and continue to join the Selinunte.


The image is highly suggestive with the fine mist of the spray of the waterfalls to humidify the atmosphere, the light plays with the drops xetryponontas ceiling of the cave and the waters to enforce the stone sovereignty of the country. The image is breathtaking, and perhaps that’s why fairies (which certainly lived here) took the voice of the innocent villagers.


Undoubtedly from here passed Callisto and all the nymphs of Artemis and bathed naked in the shady coolness. From here he went Pan with his ravishing escort drunk terrible wines of the region, and certainly here was once the habitat elf and innocent creatures of fantasy Anovlasioton.