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Styx Waters


Nine are the places of water around the earth, separate from the tenth, the Water of Styga. The waters of the Stygas linked to theological and philosophical ideas, such as the Eleusinian Mysteries and the Orpheus and Pythagorean belief in reincarnation.


The Styga is an underground river.


The Styga has her plangent palaces in Tartarus (From “tourtourizo”: tar – tar), where Zeus threw the Titans, the Giants and others who opposed his will. Styga lives apart in her glorious rooms, built with stones and long supported all around with silver pillars. Dragons look after her all day and night. In Titanomachy Zeus with the other gods fought against Potter of Saturn, who was assisted by his brothers, the Titans. The Oceanis Styga, who had four children the Kratos, Via, Zilo and Niki, came to help Zeus. The Styga help Zeus also in Gigantomachy.


In the waters of the Styga swore all the gods, even the Sun. It was the greatest oath of the gods and in her water gods have their sentences when they were punished. Styga’s name brought fear to gods and humans. They said that no living being would survive if he drank from this water. The glass, crystals, ceramic vase broke when immersed in it. Even materials like silver and gold, electrum (amber). Only the hooves of horses could stand, so the gods drank cups in a horse’s hoof.


The Soul searching to find her partner, Eros, was forced by Aphrodite to carry water from the Styga.


Achilles was invincible as we know, as his mother Thetis, when he just born, plunged him into the waters of the Styga to make him immortal. But the ankle of the child remained out of the water. There you will find the opportunity and hit him, later in the plain of Troy, Paris with his arrow … and kill him ….


Even before the first sprout fluff their cheeks, took oath in the waters of the Styga, that they would own the Otos the Artemis and the Efialtis the Hera, and that they would climb to the sky, putting stairs on the mountains … Ossa up to Olympus and Ossa up to Pelion …


The “Mavroneri” of Stygas inspired since few years ago even a superstitious fear of locals.


The ascent starts from the village of Pigeon (or Solos). Location of great beauty is the Tsivlou Lake (700m) in the forest, a few kilometers from the Peristera. We begin by forest road that leads into a forest of pines and continue on a path to a spot of great views (two and a half hours). Here the path has fallen, but over another half an hour brings us to the base of the waterfall of water of Styga.