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Cave Of Lakes


The Cave of the Lakes located on the road Kalavryta – Kleitoria at an altitude of 827 meters.


It is 17km from Kalavryta and 9km from Klitoria. The road passes a few meters from the technical cave entrance and right next to the physics.


The Cave of the Lakes still impresses visitors with its name. Lakes in the interior of the cave is not something ordinary or universal, nor for Greece, it is a unique geological phenomenon.


The cave can be divided into 3 sections:
The first section is dry around 80 meters in length and the floor is covered with thick horizontal layer of red earth.
The second section has a length of 700 meters featuring the series of lakes.
The third and largest section is 50 meters long.


It is a rare creation of Nature. Apart from its labyrinth of corridors, its mysterious galleries and its strange stalactite formations, the “Cave of the Lakes” has something exclusively unique that does not exist in other well known caves. Inside the cave there is a string of cascading lakes forming three different levels that establish its uniqueness in the world.


Its explored length is 1980 meters. The developed part of the cave is currently 500 meters long. The visitor enters through an artificial tunnel and leads directly to the second floor. This section is awe and admiration.


The passage through the lakes becomes by small man-made bridges.


Opening Hours of the Cave:

Daily from 09:30 to 16:30.
Holidays and Summer months there is an extension in the opening hours.

Telephone: +30 26920 31001