Melampous Hotel

Ano Lousoi Kalavrita

T. +30 6981 161612

F. +30 2610 526664

T.L. 0414K033A0479901



In Kalavrita, in the prefecture of Achaia, one can come across the Melampous Hotel.

The hotel is located at a crossroad point and is just 4 km away from the wonderful Cave of the Lakes, 10 km from the ski resort of Kalavrita and very close to the Great Cave and Santa Lavra.
Therefore, it is the most appropriate destination for your winter adventures!

The warm and friendly atmosphere invites you to experience the accommodation as much as possible.
The overgrown garden, the living room with the stone fireplace, where you can relax and enjoy the traditional “rakomelo” that is a hotel offer, and the room of ping pong in the basement, are some of the benefits.

In addition, there is a cafeteria just for the customers.
In case you want to enjoy the traditional cuisine of the region, you can do it in a short distance from the “Melampous” hotel as there is a large number of a taverns near by.

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